Benefits of VBAC compared to ERCS
  • Avoiding another scar on your uterus.
    • The more scars you have on your uterus, the greater the chance of problems with a later pregnancy.
  • Decreased Blood Loss
  • Decreased Risk of Blood Transfusion
    • 900 vs. 1,200 per 100,000
    • Factors that increase this risk include induction of labor with no prior vaginal delivery, high-risk pregnancy, and an increased number of prior cesarean deliveries.
  • Decreased Hospital Stay
  • Decreased Medical Costs
  • Decreased Level of Postoperative Pain
  • Decreased Risk of Cesarean Hysterectomy
  • Decreased Risk of Deep Venous Thrombosis
    • 40 vs. 100 per 100,000
  • Decreased Risk of Infection
  • Decreased Risk of Maternal Death
    • overall estimates at all gestational ages of maternal death number 3.8 (TOLAC)vs. 13.4 (ERCS) per 100,000 live births
    • at term, 1.9 (TOLAC) vs 9.6 (ERCS) per 100,000 live births.
    • lower mortality for TOLAC in high-volume hospitals (more than 500 deliveries per year).
  • Decreased Risk of NICU admission for the baby
    • Decreased risk of respiratory distress or sequela
  • Decreased Risk of placenta previa
    • The incidence of placenta previa (placenta covering the cervix) significantly increases in women with each additional C/S delivery
  • Decreased Risks of placenta acreta, placenta increta and placenta percerta
    • placenta accreta reportedly affecting 50-67% of women with placenta previa having three or more C/S.
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