A View and Consensus of Risks vs. Benefits of VBAC by Dr. Julio C. Novoa, M.D.

The VBAC, short for Vaginal Birth After Cesarean Section, describes the vaginal delivery of a baby in a patient who has previously had at least one delivery by Cesarean Section.

Over the past thirty years there has been an enormous amount of controversy regarding this procedure with advocates both "for and against" the VBAC touting its benefits as well as its associated risks.

What has made it all the more confusing to the general public has been the apparent shifts in recommendations "for and against" within the medical community, specifically within the specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN).

Since the first month of my residency, back in August 1995, I have been a very strong advocate for the VBAC. My senior residency award research paper titled, "Risk Assessment of Uterine Rupture During Trial of Labor: Evaluation of a VBAC Scoring System," specifically addressed the management of a trial of labor using a scoring system to calculate the probability of a successful vaginal delivery.

After reading thousands of pages of literature on the subject and having performed thousands of normal vaginal deliveries and hundreds of VBACs, I continue to promote the option of the VBAC to my patients.

This website will review the history, risks, benefits and current recommendations regarding the VBAC and hopefully will serve as a guide my patients interested in attempting the VBAC by providing the comprehensive unbiased review and opinion on the subject.

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